Jesus said to him, “Go your way; your son lives.” So the man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him, and he went his way. -John 4:50

2 Tim 3:1-5-The bible says perilous times will come in the last days. We can translate that as, problems in our life, sickness, loss of a job, demonic attacks, involvement with drugs, problem in our marriage, family issues etc. All these things cause distraction.
The devil knows is time is short, and therefore he is stepping up the pace to create havoc in our lives. He doesn’t want us to get closer to God and to trust God for our healing, deliverance, financial blessings, or even spiritual growth etc. People are getting more anxious, their patience level is shorter; some of this is due to stress. (Phil 4:6- be anxious for nothing) Stress can cause cancer; I believe it did in my case. I had a stressful job when I was in NY. Brothers and sisters the enemy will do anything to take you out, he is not particular ho he does it.
2 Corint-2:11– Beware of Satan’s devises
Matthew 10:16– The bible says we should be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove
The message today is about believing the word of God. When Jesus was on earth, HIS ministry consisted of salvation, divine healing and deliverance. The type of miracles that took place years ago, we are not seeing them today. Many people will believe anything they hear on the TV, but they find it hard to believe the word of God. If people could only believe the word of God and apply them to their daily lives they would overcome many obstacles.
John 4:46-50
There was a nobleman whose son was sick. When he heard that Jesus was in Galilee he went to him and begged him to come with him to heal his son who was close to death. Evidently he had heard about the miracles Jesus did. Jesus responded by saying, unless you people see signs and wonders you will never believe. The Nobleman said; sir come before my child dies.
Then Jesus said, Go thy way, your son will live, and the man believed the word. The man took Jesus at His word and departed. While he was on his way home, his servants met him and gave him the good news. At this point, notice what he did. He inquired as to time that the boy started to get better. Then the servants told him the time that the fever left and he began to amend. (So you see healing can is gradual)
The same exist today, most people believe only when they begin to see results. They asked to be prayed for and if they don’t see results in a short time they lose hope; unbelief set in. If you wait till you see results that’s not faith. Faith without works is dead. We serve a God who wants us to trust him by faith
People are looking for proof before they believe God for their miracle or healing. Hebrews 11:1-Faith is the substance of things hope for the evidence of things not seen.
The problem with some people is that they want everything immediately, but God does not always work the same way all the time. (Sometimes God wants you to spend some time with him) This was not an ordinary man, he was an official attached to Herod’s court. He would have been a man of great wealth, but all the wealth he had could not make his son better He was someone that probably had everything someone could possibly want.